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AKIN_BRO Handlebar Bag - Small

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The BRO handlebar bike bag is a handy and straightforward bag and is the original and best selling bag on AKIN’s product line. The small version of the bag is designed mainly for the smaller bits that are usually carried on road cycling without compomizing much the bike's looks and aerodynamics. Although it's also a great fit for carrying your essentials on your gravel bike or to minimize the interference between bag and cables on your MTB.

Its design has been improved over previous models making it closer to AKIN’s sustainable goals. The two main factors that determine a product’s sustainability are material sourcing and manufacturing as well as its lifespan. The outer material of the bags is the most exposed and therefore the most subject to failure. A thick cotton or nylon canvas gives the best properties to extend the life of the bags. For this bag, the patterns have been deconstructed and reconstructed in a mosaic-like manner to minimize the industrial waste generated during the manufacturing phase. The inner fabric is repurposed from utmost quality hot air balloon fabric cutouts, which is perfect for bag lining because it is water and oil repellent, lightweight, very durable and bright in colors, so you easily identify the items inside. 

The stretchy pockets on the sides are made of deadstock fabric from cycling apparel production.  

A reflective logo and strip ensure good visibility on the trail or the road.


- Extremely durable 1000D Cordura nylon canvas exterior

- YKK water resistant zipper

- Repurposed hot air balloon lining fabric

- PP stiffener

- Removable handlebar straps

- Water resistant construction

- Sustainable patterning with hexagonal profile

- Reinforced in critical areas for durability


Diameter: 9.5 cm 
Width: 20 cm 
Capacity: 1.5L 
Bar strap distance: 10.5 cm (c to c)