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AKIN_BRO Toptube Bag

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BRO Toptube Bag

Once the top tube bag gets on your bike it is there to stay!

The BRO toptube bag gives you quick access to the goodies you want to keep handy. 

It features a stretchy side pocket to hold your phone or stow away the garbage you don't want inside the bag. A water resistant zipper gives way into the main compartment. Inside, a 3D mesh sleeve keeps your phone in place and protected from scratches.

As the other products in the BRO line, the outer material is Cordura nylon canvas or organic cotton canvas. The inner liner is sourced from the scraps resulting from the manufacturing of hot air balloons. The stretch fabric is retrieved from the deadstock generated by the cycling apparel industry.

The patterns are designed to match each other and leave no gaps, minimizing the industrial waste created during manufacturing.

If your bike comes with direct mount eyelets the bags can be perforated and riveted under demand.

The outer material of the bags is the most exposed and therefore the most subject to failure. A thick cotton or nylon canvas gives the best properties to extend the life of the bags. For this bag, the patterns have been deconstructed and reconstructed in a mosaic-like manner to minimize the industrial waste generated during the manufacturing phase. The inner fabric is repurposed from utmost quality hot air balloon fabric cutouts, which is perfect for bag lining because it is water and oil repellent, lightweight, very durable and bright in colors, so you easily identify the items inside. 

Made of highly abrasion and tensile resistant materials. Inner 3D mesh sleeve to keep scratches away from your phone. Hot air balloon leftover fabric interior lining. 


- Cordura Nylon or organic cotton canvas exterior
- YKK water resistant zipper
- Waterproof repurposed lining fabric
- HDPE/PP stiffener
- Velcro secured outer pocket
- Water resistant construction
- Sustainable mosaic style patterning
- Reinforced in critical areas for durability
- Charging cable routing



Diameter: 22 cm 
Height: 10 cm
Width: 5.5 cm 
Capacity: 0.9 L 


Diameter: 28 cm 
Height: 12 cm
Width: 6 cm 
Capacity: 1.4 L